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This week, I am answering reader requests for international recipes. Some of these even sound edible. more
“Overreach” is oft used to describe the administrative state in Washington, D.C., and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is one such example of our government’s regulatory tentacles. Missourians know this all too well based on past experiences with management of the Missouri River to heighten the libido of the endangered pallid sturgeon.  more
Dear Readers, more
While facing the complexities of passing meaningful reform, it is not uncommon for substantive healthcare legislation to face hurdles. Our legislature is made up of people from many diverse backgrounds and experiences. Being able to use my knowledge of the healthcare industry to advance significant reforms has been the highlight of my career as a State Representative so far. Missouri's recognition of the pressing need to enhance postpartum care for mothers marks a profound milestone in the state's pursuit of better maternal health outcomes. more
The stories most read on the Quill's website between Oct. 1 and 31, and the dates of their original publication: more
You love them, you hate them; if you live in the Ozarks you are surrounded by them. They are loved as majestic, graceful forest creatures. They are detested as destroyers of flowers, plants, crops- and vehicles of all kinds. more
I ate two teaspoons of Jif peanut butter mixed with honey. I went to the Quill office, talked with Chris, and then drove to the town Square where I noticed a light on in the building previously housing café 37. I stopped, and Devin from Caulfield opened the door. I said, “well, curiosity, killed the cat.” And she said, a new steakhouse will be opening soon. Goodbye “Harry’s” and hello “Devin’s.” I wished her all the luck in the world and told her I would be seeing her soon. more
In the labyrinth of human experience, reality often finds itself overshadowed by the towering presence of perception. The aphorism "perception is reality" has been etched into our collective consciousness, not merely as a pithy statement but as a profound truth of human psychology. As Anais Nin astutely observed, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” This sentiment underscores a fundamental aspect of human nature: the tendency to interpret and respond to the world not as it objectively exists, but as it appears through the prism of our individual experiences, biases, and emotions. more
Before I begin with some unusual holiday recipes, let me direct a heartfelt thank-you to a great editor, Abby Hess! Even if I leave her with nothing, she makes my effort look great! Thanks, Abby. You are the greatest! more
Dear Readers, more
Editor’s note: This is the conclusion of a two-part column. Part one was published in the Nov. 1 issue of the Quill. more
Our Annual Sweets & Reads Bake & Book Sale is scheduled to be held at Summersville library from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.Saturday. Baked goods are still needed and may be brought to the library before the sale on Nov. 10. more
The number one question people ask me is, do you miss the car lot and selling cars? My answer is “No.” I didn’t quit work until I was 76 and that was long enough. more
In writing this article about our upcoming winter in Missouri, I have to state at the beginning that I hate the season. I could happily do without winter and would be thrilled to never see another snowflake in my life. I know this goes against all the cheerful "I just love winter and can't wait for the beauty of the snow" people. I find this attitude to be unreasonable and have tried to persuade these people of their folly, but I fear they are past help. I would trade a "Winter Wonderland" anytime for a nice day in the 60's with sunshine. Someone might suggest that I need to move to more southern climes, but almost all of my family lives right here in the Central Plateau of the Ozarks. So, I suffer through the obnoxious season of winter each day telling myself that we are one day closer to spring. more
Last Friday, as the sunset painted the sky in hues of orange and pink, a seemingly ordinary night in our quaint town transformed into something of a legend—the kind of night that would be etched into the collective memory of the town’s lore. This wasn’t just another evening; this was the night Ha Ha Tonka came back to town, and with them, a symphony of chords, laughter, and community spirit that reverberated through the walls of the Avenue Theatre—a place they hadn’t graced in over a decade. more
Dear Readers, more
This week, Indianapolis played host to nearly 70,000 FFA members from across the country, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These students have worked months, if not years, for the opportunity to attend the 2023 National FFA Convention. more
So if you're walkin' down the street sometime
, And spot some hollow, ancient eyes
, Please don't just pass 'em by and stare, 
As if you didn't care
, Say, "Hello in there, hello" — John Prine, “Hello in There” more
Editor’s note: This is part one of a two-part column. The continuation will be published in the Nov. 8 issue of the Quill. more
As the curtains fell on the final performance of "Steel Magnolias" this Sunday at the Avenue Theatre, a wave of overwhelming pride and sheer admiration swept over me. I have had the privilege of witnessing countless productions grace the stage of Avenue Theatre, but rarely has a show left such a lasting impression as this rendition of "Steel Magnolias." more
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