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Mo. 4-H Foundation celebrates 75 years of empowering youth


The Missouri 4-H Foundation marks its 75th anniversary this year with plans to highlight impacts from decades of dedication to nurturing young leaders and fostering community development across the state.

Celebrations will include recognition of individuals and programs supported by the foundation, as well as opportunities for friends of 4-H to come together, said foundation Director Rachel Augustine.

“Over the past 75 years, the Missouri 4-H Foundation has been instrumental in empowering generations of young people to become confident, capable and compassionate leaders,” Augustine said. “As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we reflect on our rich history of service and look forward to the countless opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to inspire and empower Missouri’s youth.”

Since its establishment in 1949, the foundation has empowered youths through innovative programs, hands-on experiences and mentorship opportunities, said officials. It offers more than 70 college scholarships to young people of all backgrounds and provides direct program support to the University of Missouri Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development. The foundation also manages a group of endowments underpinning the future of 4-H programs across Missouri.

Founded on the principles of leadership, citizenship and service, the Missouri 4-H Foundation has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing young people with the resources, skills and support necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world, Augustine said.

As the foundation looks forward in its mission of empowering youth to reach their full potential and become catalysts for positive change in their communities, the opportunities are great, she said. A recent study by National 4-H Council found that 4-H alumni are three times more likely to participate in community service and twice as likely to have the goal of being a leader.

Learn more about the foundation, its leadership and upcoming events such as the Clover Classic Golf Tournament at 4h.missouri.edu/foundation.