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Mtn. View council declines to affirm Judi Colter as alderwoman, new appointment to be made Tuesday


The Mtn. View City Council, during regular and special meetings, has passed its budget and voted to accept a bid attached to a Department of Natural Resources grant.

Council members also heard from two residents, one who is working on a Buck Nelson Days festival centered around the upcoming April 8 total solar eclipse, and another who is forming a committee to make improvements to a park in an effort to add disability-inclusive playground equipment at no cost to the city.

Despite talk of a budget freeze during regular meeting, which was held Jan. 16, that did not happen and the budget stands as it was passed in late December. Also during the January meeting, Mtn. View Assistant Police Chief Stetson Schwien addressed council members regarding a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant that was to have been applied toward the purchase of three patrol vehicles. He informed the council that the person with whom he had been working is no longer at the USDA, and the grant is no longer available.

Schwien was given permission by a unanimous vote to put a down payment on three vehicles to hold them, if the seller would allow him to, but the seller was not willing to hold the vehicles with a down payment.

Robin McCullough, an organizer of the Buck Nelson Days festival, asked council about portable toilets for the event and whether they had been ordered, and West Ward Alderman Lyndell Vandevort replied the city can rent them and be reimbursed by the festival committee.

Michael McBride spoke with council about his intention to form a committee to get inclusive playground equipment for Wayside Park. McBride explained he has just started working on a grant and getting committee members together to help with the project, but needs council permission to install the playground equipment in the park if it is purchased.

The equipment would then become city property, and the improvements would not apply to the restrooms or other facilities, McBride further explained. Council voted all in favor to support McBride in the endeavor and will be provided updates by the committee.

City Operations Manager Eddie Owens addressed concerns about the lack of fencing around the city pool, and assured council members it was to be installed the next day and had been delayed by poor weather conditions. The projected opening date for the pool is still Memorial Day weekend, Owens said.

Owens also gave an update on his intention to buy a vehicle for the Parks Department and another for the fire chief, using funds from the future sale of surplus vehicles, and suggested using an auction service to handle the sale in hopes of reaching more potential bidders.

Vandevort requested a list of items to be sold, and East Ward Alderwoman Judi Colter also asked Owens to see if the vehicles to be purchased could be held without a down payment, and Vandevort agreed to that request.

At the conclusion of the open session of the meeting Mayor John Krasuski praised city crews for keeping the streets cleared during inclement weather, and Judi Colter complimented the Christmas parade.


During a Jan. 24 special session meeting, Vandevort, East Ward Alderman Bud Vines and West Ward Alderwoman Brenda Colter were present, with Judi Colter in attendance as an audience member. The remaining council members were enough to make a quorum, but there had been some question of nepotism pertaining to Judi Colter's appointment because Brenda Colter is her cousin by marriage and had voted in favor of Judi's appointment.

The meeting almost immediately went into closed session with a motion by Vines to enter closed session, followed by a refusal to vote to enter into closed session by Vandevort and Brenda Colter, without explanation.

This resulted in Krasuski overriding their nonvote and invoking a city ordinance compelling them to enter closed session, enforced by Police Chief Jamie Perkins.

The ordinance, number 24.040, explains the procedure to compel attendance, stating that in a circumstance in which a special session of the board of aldermen is comprised of less than a quorum, or minimum number needed in order to vote on action items, the majority of elected officials present “are authorized to direct the Chief of Police or other City officer to send for and compel the attendance of any or all absent members” to attend as specified by those present.

After council members returned from closed session, the rest of the meeting involved discussion of an American Rescue Plan Act grant that has been awarded, but needs approval of bids by council members, then the Department of Natural Resources, by Oct. 16. The $200,000 grant will cover all but about $120,000 of the project, a lead service inventory required by DNR, Owens explained.

Vandevort made a motion to accept the lowest bid of $320,000, submitted by Cattell, LLC, contingent upon extra funding. Vines seconded the motion and all voted in favor.


At a meeting called Thursday to affirm Judi Colter in her seat as alderwoman, Brenda Colter abstained from the vote as it was determined she was too closely related to Judi Colter to avoid a question of nepotism in the matter. Vandevort voted yes to affirm the appointment, Vines voted no, and Krasuski voted no, breaking the tie.

When asked by Vandevort what the next step would be, Krasuski replied he will make an appointment at the upcoming regular meeting scheduled for 5 p.m. Tuesday, and if that fails the results of the April election will resolve the issue.

Judi Colter, who has served as a council member before, has put her name on the ballot and is running unopposed for a two-year seat. She was appointed in December to fill the remainder of Murray Anderson’s term. Anderson resigned in December.

Additionally, there are two candidates for a one-year term currently held by appointee Bud Vines, who replaced Steven Sills after his resignation in November. Vicki Carr and David Bauer have thrown their hats into the ring, with Vines declining to run.

Vandevort has also decided not run for reelection as West Ward alderman, and Calvin Perry and Lucinda Burton are on the ballot for that two-year term.

Krasuski is running unopposed for a two-year term as mayor.

Tuesday’s meeting will be held in council chambers at City Hall, 126 N. Oak St., Mtn. View.