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Udall man charged with rape after allegedly drugging woman


Editor’s note: The following article describes an investigation into the reported rape of an intoxicated woman. While care has been taken to report on charges with sensitivity to survivors and readers, it may still be disturbing to read. If you are experiencing domestic or sexual violence, or if you’re a survivor of the same and in need of support, call Christos House’s hotline, 800-611-5853.

An Ozark County man has been charged with first-degree rape after allegedly having sex with a woman who was unable to consent due to being incapacitated after ingesting drugs, and who reported the assault shortly after it happened.

Jerry Parks, 38, Udall, has also been charged with delivery of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance, both felonies, and misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. The charges were filed after an investigation into the assault reportedly revealed Parks had given the victim drugs, and items related to smoking methamphetamine had been found in Parks' home.

Court documents submitted by Ozark County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Seth Miller show that on March 26, a deputy spoke with providers at Baxter Health in Mtn. Home, Ark., and was told a rape examination had been conducted on the victim.

During a follow-up interview with law enforcement, the woman reported she had gone to Parks' home and he offered her meth, and both of them used some, but a short time later, she passed out and that led her to believe the drug had some substance in it that made her tired.

She said she awoke to Parks undressing her, and he then began having intercourse with her while she was impaired to the point she couldn't stop the action or speak due to being in and out of consciousness.

The victim told law enforcement she woke up several hours later and asked Parks to take her home, she told family members about the assault, and was taken to the hospital for an exam.

During a warrant search conducted April 10 at Parks' home, several glass pipes used for smoking meth and two baggies with methamphetamine residue were reportedly found. Parks was arrested and interviewed by Miller after being informed of his legal rights, and reportedly first said he and the victim undressed each other and had consensual sex after smoking meth, but later in the interview said he had undressed himself and the victim, she hadn't given consent, and that she was "probably" incapacitated or incapable of consenting due to the amount of methamphetamine she had ingested.

Parks remains in custody and is held without bond, court records show. He was set to appear Tuesday for a bond reduction hearing, and records show Associate 44th Circuit Judge Raymond Gross denied a change in bond, citing a need to secure his ability to appear and safety, and referencing Article 1, Section 32 of the Missouri State Constitution, which protects crime victims. He is next scheduled to appear before Gross on July 9 for a preliminary hearing.

He entered a plea of not guilty on April 16, records show, and is represented by Public Defender Chase Opolka. The case is being tried by Ozark County Prosecutor Curtis Pipkins.