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The West Plains Daily Quill utilizes a blend of tactics to ensure that your potential customers are served your ads wherever they go online.


Keyword & Contextual Targeting

Targeting customers that are searching and reading articles online that are related to your business.


Site Retargeting

Targeting customers that have visited your website then left.



Targeting customers that have  stepped foot in an actual real world location.


Addressable Geo-Fencing

Targeting customers in their homes. Think direct mail for your mobile devices, computers, and smart TVs. 


Addressable Curation Tool

Our clients can now curate addressable audiences in real time from 126 million U.S. households and filter by location and over 500 demographic, interests, and economic variables.



Targeting customers with streaming television ads on their mobile devices, computers, and smart TVs.

We have the ability to track foot traffic back to your business after a commercial has been viewed through our OTT & CTV tactic.


Search Engine Optimization

Customers ask questions about your brand everyday, al across the internet.

Deliver verified ansers and information to your potential customers.


Reputation Management

Manage, measure, and improve your reputation across digital platforms.


Social Media Management

Serve ads on Facebook and Instagram to your target audience. We can also make posts and engage with your followers.



We can now serve ads on YouTube. We have the ability to target based on ages and interests.


Google Ads

Targeting customers that search for your business on Google. With our google ad product, we have the ability to serve search, video, banner, and click to call ads. When using a click to call ad, we can actually tell you who called you.


Trackable Results

Through our foot traffic attribution, we are able to track foot traffic from the geofences to your business.

You now have the ability to see the impact of your advertising!


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