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I never know what I'm going to find when my brother shoots me a text. Recently it was a photo of a spittoon at the Bates County Courthouse. It made me chuckle for a lot of reasons. I knew right away he was in the middle of a trial back in God's country. more
There’s nothing quite like the hum of Capitol Hill during springtime. Members of Congress are debating, the iconic cherry blossom trees are beginning to bloom, and D.C. is alive with activity from school groups and engaged advocates from all across the country. more
Late in February, House Republicans took an important step in our efforts to hold President Joe Biden accountable for his wasteful spending that is fueling the worst spike in prices in a generation. With the support of 59 Democrats, the House came together to pass my Reduce Exacerbated Inflation Negatively Impacting the Nation (REIN IN) Inflation Act. That’s right — even House Democrats are sounding the alarm over Biden’s out-of-control spending. more
Farm Bureau hosts or promotes many noteworthy events throughout the year. more
Mexico recently issued a decree that banned imports of biotech corn used for food consumption and said it will seek to find substitutes for such products used for animal feed. Since corn is a major commodity in Missouri, this decision will directly impact the state’s farmers and economy.  more
Good neighbors can be found on Missouri’s farms and ranches. Rural people are usually the first to help someone in need. A log chain can be found in about any farm truck to pull a stranger’s vehicle out of a muddy ditch, or a pair of jumper cables for a start, or just a warm cab offered on a frigid day. more
It’s no secret that Joe Biden struggles with the truth. Throughout his career, he’s made up stories and invented facts to help win support for his political agenda. But during his State of the Union address, I was still taken aback by just how many lies he told to mislead the American people into thinking that our nation is in a better place thanks to his administration’s radical agenda. What a bunch of hogwash! Whether it’s the economy, border, energy costs or crime — the state of the union is in crisis and anything but strong. Americans desperately want their leaders to advance policies that will get our nation back on track. But as Biden made clear in his speech, he and the Left are doubling down on crazy. more
A couple of weeks ago, I sat in my “mobile office” looking out the window after completing my morning farm chores. I paused to take in the beauty of the fresh snow that blanketed the ground. The pure white snow touched everything in sight. The ice crystals sat light as a feather on every strand of barbed wire and on every tree branch. more
A couple nights ago, Lindsey and I got the kids to bed and we sat down on the couch to watch some TV. I started to flip through the channels trying to find something we could agree on. On the screen was a show called "The Real Housewives from Somewhere or the Other." I watched a few minutes and figured out pretty quick whoever made this show has a different idea of what "real" means. more
I was channel surfing over the holiday break, and came across an episode of “Leave it to Beaver.” In a nostalgic mood, I settled in to watch Wally get disappointed when Lumpy Rutherford received an athletic scholarship to “State,” and Wally did not. Ever the diplomat, Wally’s mom, June, talked him into throwing a party in Lumpy’s honor (with girls!), and all was going swimmingly until Lumpy’s dad called the Cleaver household and informed his son the scholarship had been rescinded because of a D+ in algebra. more
I sat in my warm and cozy house situated on a hill not too far from Court Square in West Plains on Wednesday morning, curled up under a blanket with my dogs as I worked from home, all but oblivious to the effects of the 10 or so inches of heavy snow that had fallen overnight. more
The 2023 Missouri Legislative Session is underway and legislators have been back in Jefferson City since January 4. Every year brings a new opportunity to address items that matter to our members and hardworking Missourians, and we look forward to developing solutions in the coming months.   more
Without fail, every time I put my brand new Farm Bureau calendar up on the wall, I get a few butterflies in my stomach. With every page turn comes a set of experiences, covering everything incredibly familiar and routine to moments that come completely out of left field. While starting a new year might bring about some jitters, I try to see every page as a challenge to make both my life and the lives of those around me better at every opportunity. more
Happy New Year! With 2022 in the rearview mirror, it’s time for a new Congress to begin — one that can finally start addressing the multitude of crises our country faces. House Republicans will immediately get to work on reversing the damage caused by the left. We’ll fight tooth and nail to get America back on the right track — regardless of the resistance we will face from the Chuck Schumer-led Senate and Biden-controlled White House. more
Even before the whomp-whomp sound of rotor blades reaches here, folks seem to know there's a helicopter coming. Traffic and news helicopters seldom bother with rural areas like this, and we don't exactly attract Hollywood types or business moguls with the resources to pilot themselves. So a helicopter landing isn't an everyday occurrence. Who wouldn't want to watch? more
In a state where agriculture is the No. 1 industry, Missouri can be a powerful leader in making sure every Missourian is food secure. At its core, food security means no child goes to bed hungry and no adult must choose between buying needed medicine and putting food on the family table. more
“When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must have sensed it. Probably, they gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, ‘Hey, good job.’” —Jack Handey, “Deep Thoughts” from “Saturday Night Live” (circa early ‘90s) more
There’s nowhere I’d rather live than rural Missouri. In the wintertime, we have crisp morning air, beautiful sunrises and calm, serene views. Getting out in the cold to check and feed our cattle, I feel like none of the craziness in the rest of the world matters and I have everything I need. more
The holidays are a special time in southern Missouri, and nothing makes me happier than Christmas in the Ozarks. more
Each December, over 1,200 farmers and ranchers from across Missouri gather at the Lake of the Ozarks to reconnect with old friends, learn from national experts and debate policy positions for the coming year. The 2022 Missouri Farm Bureau Annual Meeting will be the 108th of its kind, a tradition unrivaled for its longevity and breadth. more
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