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Over the last three years, Americans have grown increasingly frustrated over the Biden administration's disastrous open-border agenda. The American people know that President Joe Biden inherited the most secure border in American history thanks to the tough immigration policies of former President Donald Trump. They also know that Biden is directly responsible for creating the worst border crisis our nation has ever seen. That's why it was incredibly maddening when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently stated that it was not Biden's job to secure our southern border. She couldn't be more wrong. He broke our immigration system. And now he refuses to fix it. more
Every parent has experienced this situation. A few weekends ago, my daughter, Charlie, had a dance recital out of town. While I normally try to make these events, we ran into a scheduling conflict as my son, Max, had a soccer game at the same time. Lindsey and I had no choice but to divide and conquer. Not one to waste a great opportunity, Max and I spent the weekend playing soccer, shooting guns and getting out in our hunting blind to see if we could call in a spring turkey. more
In many ways, the 2024 state legislative session was a self-fulfilling prophecy. As Capitol watchers predicted, it was a disappointing result with little being accomplished. more
Like so many Americans, I have been absolutely appalled by the rampant antisemitism we’re seeing on college campuses. It’s unacceptable that in America in 2024, vicious mobs are harassing, chasing down, and blocking students from entering buildings on college campuses because of their Jewish faith. And let me be clear: These mobs aren’t anti-war protestors; they are terrorist-supporting hate groups. more
May is an exciting time of year. Students and teachers are wrapping up the school year, and summer vacation is approaching. more
A good buddy of mine, Bob McCosh, spends his weekends screaming down a dragstrip going 200 mph. I asked him once what it takes to compete. He said dedication, a great team and a reliable car. If any of these are missing you won't be taking home that checkered flag. more
Among my varied duties as a judge of the Supreme Court of Missouri, I frequently speak with groups — from elementary students to senior citizens — explaining how our courts function. It’s my favorite part of my job, and one I share with judges from throughout the state who participate in our civic education committee’s work to help connect Missourians with their courts! more
The Oxford Dictionary defines a dream as “a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.” Six simple words, yet they hold the potential to ignite innovation, progress and personal growth. It’s the belief in possibilities beyond the realm of the ordinary, the courage to envision the future, and the relentless pursuit of those aspirations. In a world where innovation thrives on bold ideas, embracing the power of dreaming big is not just a luxury but rather a necessity for achieving the extraordinary.  more
If humming is a sure sign of happiness, we have some very happy children creating Lego masterpieces as I write my column this Saturday morning. The lovely harmony created by one family reminds me of bees buzzing in a flowerbed! more
It was one of those random conversations spurred by a bit on the news about population growth: Benton County, Arkansas, has experienced phenomenal growth. more
This week, I’d like to feature a book called “2 Good 2 Be 4Gotten” by Dr. Max Decker. Written in 2012, the author of this book, Max, was my Cousin Twice Removed (my Grandpa’s first cousin.) His mother, Gladys Martin Decker, was a sister to Katie Martin Patillo (my great grandmother.) My second great-grandparents were Richard Cowden Martin and Tennessee James Martin. more
Last weekend, as the pulsing beats and eclectic vibes of Coachella's second weekend filled the air of Palm Desert, many of us found ourselves far from the action, yet deeply connected thanks to the wonders of technology. There I was, sprawled on my couch, streaming the festival live on YouTube, a makeshift festival-goer in the digital age. more
It’s time to be honest with you. more
Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” But for Missouri farmers, taxes are about to become a lot more uncertain. Barring action from Congress, many key tax provisions from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will expire at the end of 2025, leading to a significant tax increase for our state’s agricultural industry. more
Missourians have an incredible opportunity and responsibility to impact how broadband deployment funds will be distributed across our state. For the first time, Missourians can provide on-the-ground feedback about which homes and businesses still lack access to reliable, high-speed broadband.  more
President Joe Biden frequently says, “Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.” Well, as Biden’s recently released budget proposal for next year makes clear, he is once again doubling down on the very same failed policies that are bankrupting America, waging war on U.S. energy, and fueling the most painful economic crisis in decades. There’s no question that his budget plan is the wrong recipe for America. more
Some buddies and I have a contest called "Dad of the Year." Before you question my parenting skills, let me explain the game. There are no rules, judges or winner. The theory behind "Dad of the Year" is straightforward. Every player steps up and does whatever they can to be an award-winning dad. Making sure your kids brush their teeth, helping with homework, finding that lost toy (or buying a secret replacement) — I mean doing whatever it takes. more
Like so many in southeast and south-central Missouri, agriculture has always been an important part of my life. I’ll never forget the memories I have as a young kid spending time at, and working on, my grandparents’ farm — the very same one I own, operate, and live on today. The experience and skills I gained were very valuable, but nothing made me better prepared to run my cattle ranch — or serve in Congress — than my local FFA chapter. That’s because FFA is about much more than growing crops and raising animals; It’s about growing leaders. more
Dear Readers, more
Dear Readers, more
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