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Missouri Invasive Plant Council calls for award nominations


As public awareness grows about the harmful effects of invasive plants, the Missouri Invasive Plant Council (MoIP) seeks to recognize individuals and groups performing outstanding work detecting and controlling invasive plant species in Missouri with its Invasive Plant Action Award Program. MoIP is accepting award nominations through June 15.

Nomination categories are for individual landowners/organizations, group collaborators and researchers. Self-nomination is welcome; a recommendation by a natural resource professional is required to be eligible.

“There are many individuals and groups carrying out impressive invasive species control in every corner of the state,” said Carol Davit, chair of MoIP and executive director of the Missouri Prairie Foundation. “We want to recognize those doing exemplary work and present them with awards at events of the awardees’ choice to be honored in front of their peers.”

By definition, invasive plants are those not native to a region whose abundance and/or rapid spread  harm economic and environmental resources. The MoIP Invasive Plant Action Awards seek to demonstrate how detecting and controlling the spread of  invasive plants on Missouri farms, forests, woodlands, prairies, gardens, roadsides and along waterways is wise stewardship. 

For more information and to submit nominations, visit moinvasives.org/moip-invasive-plant-action-awards.