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An appeal to U.S. Rep. Smith to help protect wild horses


To the editor:

This letter is an appeal to U.S. Congressman Jason Smith, Missouri 8th District:

You already know who I am. Sean Hill. The inconvenient veteran who has aired so many of my grievances to your office that I’m surprised you have taken the time to support me in the clearance of my name within the Department of Defense.

I do appreciate what your team has done for me, and Megan has been so professional with me. In fact, since I was able to visit Washington, D.C., and your office, I now have a better understanding of what goes on and the amount of work the congressional staffers have to do, and I’m sure dealing with grumpy old vets like me doesn’t make their job any easier, so this I say to your team: I thank you for your service to my community and for what you guys are doing for me as a constituent in our district.

Now, the purpose of my letter is this. The Bureau of Land Management is planning on doing a massive wild horse round up on July 1 in North Lander Complex in Wyoming.

I’m going to speak with Ms. Holle Waddell, Wild Horse and Burro Division chief of the the Bureau of Land Management, and I’m going ask her to give a second thought as to the method of using helicopters to round up the horses and try to come up with a more passive way to round up these horses, and I want to propose the compassionate release of unadoptable mustangs in current holding into the herd management areas which they originally came from.

I’m asking you because of your position as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, in which you control the funds for these outrageously expensive helicopter roundups that are cruel and traumatizing for these horses. I just want to have the people in charge look at this differently and think outside the box to come up with a more passive way to round them up.

We owe it to these horses to treat them better. Let us not forget that they are protected by law from harassment.

Please, just a short moratorium on this roundup to come up with a better solution.

Sean Hill,
Mtn. View