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Missouri Farm Bureau’s 109th annual meeting runs this Sunday through next Tuesday, following a special meeting for County Farm Bureau Presidents today. Our annual meeting is full of tried-and-true traditions. more
Just like it is for many people, the holiday season is a rough time for me. more
Dear Readers, more
I was standing in the backyard taking a little reprieve from raking leaves and picking up sticks. Trust me, it’s good for the heart, I hope. We have been at 2112 Cambridge Drive for 50 years. I was observing some of the neighbors’ houses and yards, keenly observing how many of the leaves were blowing into our yard and how many were leaving by way of the wind; of much greater importance, I was remembering some of the neighbors who had lived in our neighborhood in the significance of their lives. more
I live in West Plains, Missouri, about five miles west on Highway 160. I know I live here because even though I don’t live in the city limits, that is my postal address. My cellphone shows West Plains as my location – most of the time. A few years ago, the town that showed up occasionally on my screen was Cottbus which I found very strange. I did some research and found that Cottbus was a small town with a discontinued post office in Howell Township. more
Alright, let me take you on a little journey – a journey that’s all about my love for vinyl records. You know, there’s something downright magical about dropping the needle on a record and hearing the music come alive. It's like the physical contact between the needle and vinyl creates not just sound, but an entire experience. I mean, sure, listening to tunes on a phone or CD is convenient, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to the vinyl experience. more
Now that we are past Thanksgiving Day, the library is being decorated for the holidays and welcomes patrons to come check out a few of our Christmas books to add to the holiday spirit at home! more
The Willow Springs Tuesday Study Club met at the Willow Springs Senior Center on Nov. 7 with Mary Knott as hostess. After a brief business meeting, Mary gave the following presentation: more
The holiday season is officially upon us! With the longer days and warm weather behind us, we have just celebrated Thanksgiving. more
Dear Readers, more
The new Hummer is a pretty big deal. It will cost you $115,000, built in the semblance of an army tank, all electric and lots and lots of horse power. But what is really important is our faith in God, our family, and our love for one another! more
As Thanksgiving rolls around, with its promise of turkey trots and battles over the last piece of pumpkin pie, it’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of festivities. Yet, amidst the frenzy of stuffing and cranberry sauce, lies the heart of Thanksgiving—a time to reflect, to appreciate, and to acknowledge the cornucopia of blessings we often take for granted. more
Last week, I wrote about the lovable, cussable, ever-present Missouri white-tailed deer. After thousands of years of plentiful numbers of the creatures in North America, they almost disappeared. Massive overkilling, loss of habitat, and the mistaken belief that there was an infinite supply of the creatures led to near extinction levels in the United States. more
This week, I am answering reader requests for international recipes. Some of these even sound edible. more
“Overreach” is oft used to describe the administrative state in Washington, D.C., and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is one such example of our government’s regulatory tentacles. Missourians know this all too well based on past experiences with management of the Missouri River to heighten the libido of the endangered pallid sturgeon.  more
Dear Readers, more
While facing the complexities of passing meaningful reform, it is not uncommon for substantive healthcare legislation to face hurdles. Our legislature is made up of people from many diverse backgrounds and experiences. Being able to use my knowledge of the healthcare industry to advance significant reforms has been the highlight of my career as a State Representative so far. Missouri's recognition of the pressing need to enhance postpartum care for mothers marks a profound milestone in the state's pursuit of better maternal health outcomes. more
You love them, you hate them; if you live in the Ozarks you are surrounded by them. They are loved as majestic, graceful forest creatures. They are detested as destroyers of flowers, plants, crops- and vehicles of all kinds. more
I ate two teaspoons of Jif peanut butter mixed with honey. I went to the Quill office, talked with Chris, and then drove to the town Square where I noticed a light on in the building previously housing café 37. I stopped, and Devin from Caulfield opened the door. I said, “well, curiosity, killed the cat.” And she said, a new steakhouse will be opening soon. Goodbye “Harry’s” and hello “Devin’s.” I wished her all the luck in the world and told her I would be seeing her soon. more
In the labyrinth of human experience, reality often finds itself overshadowed by the towering presence of perception. The aphorism "perception is reality" has been etched into our collective consciousness, not merely as a pithy statement but as a profound truth of human psychology. As Anais Nin astutely observed, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” This sentiment underscores a fundamental aspect of human nature: the tendency to interpret and respond to the world not as it objectively exists, but as it appears through the prism of our individual experiences, biases, and emotions. more
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